What is the function of a doula?

A doula is a birthcoach to help women during labour and birth. Before labour, we prepare the mummy with informational support and help them psychologically and mentally as well. During labour, we come up with helpful tips to provide relief such as giving massages and heating up rice socks. We’re also the daddy’s ‘relief’ when he gets tired. Basically we support anything and everything (except perform medical procedures) the mummy/daddy wants us to do.

Are you the same as a nurse/midwife?

We’re different from nurses/midwives in these ways:
1) We do not provide medical care for the mother. For eg, we don’t perform VEs, check BP, listen to baby’s heartbeat etc. What we do is to be the emotional & physical support for the labouring mum.
2) We are with the mummy all the time – before labour to provide informational/psychological/physical support, during labour and birth itself as well as assisting breastfeeding and support during the postpartum period. Whereas a midwife would be attending to a number of patients at one time.

I’m not sure if I need a doula?

No matter how many books read, or how many birth video clips seen, some people still get nervous at the prospect of entering into an unknown new journey. As a doula, I help to ease those fears away by asking the right questions, helping you to think of your needs and expectations and helping you to meet them. This is so you will be prepared for the most amazing end journey ever – birthing your beautiful baby!

Which hospitals in Sg would allow a doula to be with me when I deliver my baby?

I am registered to work at all the hospitals in Singapore. However, it is up to your doctor to decide if he/she is comfortable to have a doula with you in the delivery room. Before your birth, I will meet your doctor to introduce myself as well as to explain what I do/will not do.

So what happens if I want to engage you as my doula?

Give me a call! My hotline is always available at (65) 9004 7931.
You are free to ask me as many questions as you want over the phone. Once you have more or less decided to engage me as your doula, I will arrange to meet you for a prenatal visit. You must also make sure that your doctor is comfortable to have me at your birth.

When would I know when to call you?

Call me once you suspect that you are starting to have contractions, even a mini one. It’s okay if its a false alarm! I will be able to estimate your labour progress if you describe it to me over the phone. If labour has been established, I will go over to your house or meet you straight at the hospital. Once I’m there, you will be able to focus fully on birthing your beautiful baby. 😀

More coming soon!


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