Some updates for October 2010

All praises to Allah, I’ve finally managed to complete a huge part of my website… even though it is nowhere near complete, I hope the little nuggets of info I have here can help to answer some basic questions people might have. Click on the links above to find out more about what I do!

Some updates:

I am very excited at the prospect of gaining knowledge from a well known US doula come Saturday. According to her website The Birth Company, Rae has been a doula for over 30 years! I’ve only been a doula a little less than a year yet I feel I’ve gained so much new info and learned so many new things. I’m really looking forward to having this sharing session with Rae. Thank you Ginny for organising!

Also, SUTRA magazine (a malay SPH publication) had been kind enough to interview me for their next issue in November. Even though I am a very new doula in Singapore, I do hope what little I shared with the magazine will help to create more awareness about the works of a doula to the Malay community~ Am pretty excited and anxious at the same time wondering how the posed photos will turn out. Don’t forget to get your copy of SUTRA magazine everyone! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Some updates for October 2010

  1. Ok Nan, I’m so gonna get a copy of Sutra’s Nov issue cos u’ll be in it! 🙂

    ps: my sis kept asking me so now i’ll ask u. Is ‘doula’ an arabic word?

  2. I am not a SUTRA customer, but for this one i will make an exception~

  3. Hehehe..I’m looking forward to the Sutra magazine’s Nov issue too. 😉
    Hid, Doula is a greek word.

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