December Daze

I’ve been on a doula hiatus for December because am in the midst of ‘doula-ing’ for another big event come January – my brother’s wedding. I did just one ‘phone-doula’ (a new term I coined for doulaing over the phone) because this client’s hospital wouldn’t give me clearance until I got my certification in paper. Alhamdulillah it went well and she was in established labour for only 1 hr! I don’t really like to doula over the phone because I don’t get to do much and I get very frustrated about it, lol! So I’ll make sure I’ll get my paper cert before I get called to that hospital again, InsyaAllah. At the same time, I am also making several friendly visits this month to new mums who need a hand or two to help them in breastfeeding.

Some quick updates that made me a very happy doula!:

1) One of my bfeeding class participants is successfully bfeeding after a c-section. I was very happy when she told me how empowered she felt that she changed her gynae at the very last min (>36 wks!!) just so she could have a chance to (at least) try to naturally deliver her breech baby. Her 1st gynae did not give her this chance and insisted she opt for elective c-sect. See how much impact a little gesture from your gynae can make on you even though the outcome (c-sect) is the same anyway.

2) I found a fellow Muslim and hijab-ed doula based in Kuala Lumpur!! So if you’re living in Malaysia and hoping to get a doula, leave me your contact details and I’ll get Nadine Ghows to get in touch with you 🙂

Stay tuned for my next update! I will be posting pictures of the waterbirth tub in NUH. 🙂