From Nur Hidayat:

“Yaqyn birth has empowered me to make an informed decision in having VBAC last year in Dec 2014. Whenever im in doubt and unsure about medical terms, sis Hanani helped to clear my doubts and put my mind at ease. Thank you so much for all your guidance, sis. If i ever to get pregnant again i’m very much likely want to engage your service.”


From Suhailah:

“I have known Hanani since our pre-university years, us being classmates together. When I was planning for second child I already had decided to have Ginny Phang of Fourtrimesters as my doula to support my planned VBAC. When I was almost full term (about 37 weeks +/-), Hanani had just completed her doula course and was looking for birth experiences to attend to fulfill her doula certification requirements. I volunteered myself to be ‘her guinea pig’, together with the ‘Doula Guru Ginny’ and Sufen to supervise and coach.

Hanani is a great support as I threaded through my last trimester journey. She obligingly replied to my endless sms-es of complaining, whining, questions and even repeated false alarms as I was waiting anxiously for Dawood’s arrival. As much as I’ve read a lot in preparing for this birth, nothing beats in having a doula that can comfort you and assess if you are really in labour.

Throughout my 7.5 hours of labour at delivery suite in the hospital, she motivated me with positive words to support me through. She also learnt to massage my back with hot rice socks alternately with Ginny whenever the surges came strong. As my husband was late, she even provided physical support while I was in the birth tub, carrying my sinking body which was attempting to rest and float in the water in between the fast and strong surges.

True to her meaning of her name, she does her doula work with lots of love and affection.
Thanks, Nan!”

Thank you dear Suhailah! Hugs and kisses for Dawood please xoxo


From Afia:

“During d most painful time of my life, Doula hanani played a mother figure when i need my mother d most. I was grateful tt she has d experience to guide me thru d process from initial labour to birth. She was reassuring n exudes calmness without pressurising me to make hasty decisions. I was able to focus on hypno breathing with d help of her massage using d hot socks that took away a big deal of pain from my back. She also offered comforting words to remind me to continuously selawat n istighfar. Apart from tt, she helped my husband play an important role to help me cope with d pain. It was overall an experience full of calmness n perseverance like how i had imagine it.”

Thank you dear Afia! Hugs and kisses for Hannah please xoxo