The Power of A Prayer

I was at a birth that had a labour taking more than 36hrs long (I was with the mother for a good 16hrs+). Things were slow to pick up even at the hospital and the baby didn’t want to go into the optimal birthing position (occipital anterior) no matter what position we tried her in. The possibility of a c-sect was looming not too far away. As a last resort, I encouraged the father to sit close to his wife’s belly and recite every prayer (du’a) he could think of.

Not too long after, things suddenly picked up and there was hope for a normal birth. The medical staff called it a sudden ‘twist of fate’. I chose to see it as the power of a prayer. This image of the loving father softly whispering to the mother’s belly coaxing his child to come out will forever be etched on my mind.


4 thoughts on “The Power of A Prayer

  1. Omg Nan I’m crying as I read this. I wasn’t even aware Adil did that. I guess I was really overcome by pain at that time.

  2. Ya Allah! Beautiful birthing story! i almost teared reading it! *sniff* congrats to you again Di&Adil and to u too Nan! =)

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