Dedicated for my mother

Alhamdulillah, my first breastfeeding basics workshop turned out to be quite a success even though we only had 4 attendees. I am happy and confident enough to conduct another one at a larger scale soon. Special thanks go to sisters Hidayati & Faeza, who assisted me in my workshop. I wanted to mention this earlier, but forgot to, so I’ll post it here instead: The most special thanks go to my mother, Halimah, for being the main advocate and support for my breastfeeding journey. She also encouraged me to contribute back to the community in little ways that I can, therefore dear Mak, this first breastfeeding workshop of mine is specially dedicated to you. Thank you very much and I love you!

After the workshop, we had a small gathering session for ‘officers’ of the Breastfeeding Muslim Mothers’ Support Group at my house. It was a simple yet cosy get-together with about 9 of us, and we managed to sort out some affairs, mainly focusing on breastfeeding outreach to more Muslim mothers. Do you have any ideas you can contribute to make this possible? Comments are most welcomed!

If you’re pregnant and would like to attend the next session (possibly sometime in early February), email me at You can also request to join our support group in Facebook. More details soon! 🙂