Looking for a doula in Singapore


Certified since 2010

I’m beginning to get more requests from mothers asking me to support them in their pregnancy and birth – more than I could handle, Alhamdulillah. This is a healthy sign that natural birth awareness is increasing in Singapore. I am also happy to share that more of us are getting to be certified as doulas, so InshaAllah there will always be enough supply of doulas to meet everyone’s demands.

I always encourage potential clients to go doula-shopping, i.e. interview as many doulas and find one who they can have chemistry with. It is going to be a very long relationship with someone you are going to be sharing intimate details with, so you must find someone who can really meet your needs.

If you don’t know where to start looking, you can go to the society for Doulas of Singapore webpage to look for a doula. The doulas registered under this society have gone through an interview and screening process and are able to work in Singapore hospitals. Yaqyn Birth is a member of this society.

There are also other independent doula bodies such as Fourtrimesters and Amani Birth who can also work in Singapore hospitals.

What to look for in a doula (general guidelines):

  • Able to meet your requirements (in terms of age, personality and background)
  • Able to support you with adequate information
  • Able to support your emotional and psychological needs
  • Able to meet your budget
  • Able to commit herself during your estimated due date
  • Has a back-up doula (in case of emergencies)
  • You feel good sharing intimate details with her

I feel that every woman should be entitled to get doula support so I hope that these links above can help you look for a suitable doula who is able to meet your needs and requirements.

Happy looking! – Hanani, Yaqyn Birth