Nothing else matters as long as the husband gets it

“You need to let your friends know that childbirth is not an illness.” – my very supportive husband

Everytime I get psychologically-drained from having to hear or deal about obgyns who medicalise childbirth too much, I remember my husband’s words above. Yes it is true that hospitals and doctors here have a certain medical model for childbirth. And honestly, it can be really emotionally and mentally draining when you have to work with an obgyn like this, but as my mentor puts it: “These are the mothers [with this kind of obgyn] who really need your help.”

I met a really tough obgyn last week, and it almost drained all my doula soul out (like dementors of Harry Potter!), but the wise words of my husband and mentor have spurred me to soldier on because I have a duty to do so for my community. InsyaAllah, please pray for me!