If you’ve missed me, I’ve missed you more!

A very warm Salaam to all of you and thank you for always asking how I’ve been and how I’m coping with 3. To be honest, I have underestimated the break I needed as I try to regain momentum to start doula work again. I’ve promised some people that I will resume my classes in April or May, but its July and I’m nowhere near to setting a date yet (I am working towards it though!). I’m thankful for my group of first prenatal yoga class friends (plus some ex-clients) who seem to keep multiplying so I do get to keep my doula knowledge and skills in check, InshaAllah!

Speaking of knowledge-upgrading: Last January, I attended a follow-up Spinningbabies workshop for birth workers in Singapore conducted by Gail Tully herself. I got to bring baby Honeystar who was then barely 3 months old so that was good. It felt so nice to be ‘hands-on’ again after many months off physical doula work!

Practising side-lying release

Practising side-lying release

Last I met this lovely midwife was in Liverpool 2012!

Last I met this lovely midwife was in Liverpool 2012!

I am also happy to note that several new Muslim doulas have just gotten certified so our Muslim mothers will have even more choices now. Alhamdulillah for more gentle birth choices! Feel free to speak to me for a recommendation. 😉

And finally, my biggest project is still on hold: project Birth of Honeystar write-up! So many learning points to share that I’m unsure what to start with. Alhamdulillah baby Honeystar is now 8 months old – amazing how fast time flies!

My #2 and #3 - Rosebud & Honeystar

My #2 and #3 – Rosebud & Honeystar

These are my brief updates for now, just to let you know I’m still here. I’m available for contact, but preferably via Whatsapp please. InshaAllah, till next time! 😉


With Love and Thanks – Doula Hanani, Yaqyn Birth