Yesterday’s random fb post

Random pregnancy post tonight:

1) Several days ago, when I picked and chose AbangH and Rosebud’s newborn clothes to be washed for baby Honeystar, I seem to subconciously pick out more of the blue-coloured outfits and wraps! Confident ke Honeystar will be a boy?

2) Also several days ago, I told my midwife that I am “…confident Honeystar’s head is still high”, only to be met with her wide-eyed response of “…nooo!! She is just *this close* (makes small gap indication with thumb and forefinger) to the middle of the pubis” from her after palpating the belly. Similarly the next day, I confidently told Cik Nor, my pre/postnatal massage lady, that baby is “…still high!” only to be met with the same response as my midwife. “Baby is already in a ‘prostrating’ position (ie occiput anterior), ready to come out! Be sure to stay more at home ok”, she said. Allahhh…. πŸ˜… Whenever you’re ready, baby… πŸ’•

3) I am 37+6 weeks today, Alhamdulillah Mohon doa semua~ And I seek your forgiveness for my wrongdoings! Please keep me in your prayers ok 😘


Coming up: Project Honeystar!

I thought for a long time on how best to approach this, and I even entertained the thought of keeping it a secret at first. Secret because I love to give an element of surprise to my loved ones, readers included!

After much thought, I realise it wouldn’t be fair to keep it from all of you for these 2 reasons:
1) Interested potential participants keep wondering why I’m always on a ‘break’
2) This is happy news, meant to be shared with others and for me to ask your prayers for, right! πŸ™‚

And so, with that I am happy to announce that I am 8 months pregnant with baby #3, Alhamdulillah! I have chosen not to know the gender, so I am going to call him/her little Honeystar for now. Cos lil bub has been so sweet like honey and wonderful like a star!

Naah, that’s not a real baby. That starfish blankie is cute, though!

I’ve been very busy with the big sister-to-be Rosebud aka Humaira’ (who’s just learnt to walk) and big brother Abang Husainy (who’s starting primary school next year) that I sometimes forget I am pregnant! But Honeystar has been so sweet giving me little kicks & nudges every so often as if to assure me “I’m alright, Ibu!“.

Me in June 2014 @ 6 months. With the ever reliable Abang Husainy, my firstborn πŸ™‚

Mohon du’a semuanya agar dipermudahkan urusan persalinan kelak InshaAllah! I seek your kind prayers for me to have a smooth and safe labour & birth, InshaAllah! Please forgive any mistakes and shortcomings on my part!

So will I be having another home birth? God willing, InshaAllah, please do make lots of du’a for me. I will do my best to keep everyone updated about this! πŸ™‚

Lots of love,
Hanani, Yaqyn Birth