Boosting with lactation cookies

Simply amazing lactation cookies (halal) by The Batter Kitchen

Eating lactation cookies is one of the fastest ways to boost the milk supply for a pumping mum. Of course the cookies are only meant as a supplement on top of eating nutritious and well-rounded meals plus drinking plenty of water. (Also remember that a baby’s direct latch is the best milk booster)

How do these cookies work?

They are made of milk-boosting ingredients that help to increase prolactin (a hormone to produce milk). The key ingredients are: Oats, fenugreek and flaxseed. These ‘seeds’ taste bland when they’re eaten on their own so when they’re mixed with other yummy ingredients to form a cookie, its tastier on the palate which makes us happy. We produce a lot of endorphins (happy hormones) when we eat something we like – especially an occassional treat like cookies – and that helps to increase milk too.

Do they really work?

They usually do, but even if they don’t affect much of your milk supply, remember that oat, fenugreek and flaxseed can be really beneficial for a nursing mum. They’re packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. 

You can try these lactation cookies as a treat even if you don’t intend to boost your milk supply. The whole family can enjoy it too. 

Important note: In boosting milk for breastfeeding, prioritise these points in this order first-

  1. Latch baby directly on demand, always and often (most important)
  2. Eat well-rounded meals and eat nutritiously
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Milk-boosting components such as the lactation cookies are only meant as a supplement to the items above. The cookies will not be effective if the other points are disregarded.