Sneak peek – birth supply kit!

Deja vu! It was only less than 16 months ago that I prepped the same things for Rosebud’s birth. The last time, they were packed in an IKEA box (which I still have!). This time round I decided that a bigger, translucent and less flimsy box would be better for everyone, InshaAllah.

What’s in there?
Basically there are the essentials to contain the ‘mess’ (contrary to popular belief, there’s very little mess in a home birth!) like plastic sheets, underpads, trash bags, towels, sheets and containers. Then there’s the baby stuff like diapers, clothes, socks, hats and blankets. There’s items for mummy too like disposables, sanitary napkins and soothing labour items like hot socks and massage oils. Other miscellaneous important things include my gyn/ob’s card in case of a hospital transfer, thermometer and flashlight. My midwife will be bringing her own birth kit (the medical stuff) on the birth day itself.

The things I’ve prepared above are for a land birth. For those having a home water birth, you’d need more stuff like extra plastic sheets and towels, pump and water thermometer. And of course the pool itself!

So when DH overheard all the hustle and bustle of me putting the kit together, he jokingly remarked, “You’re making me nervous!”. Lol… Well, actually I kind of am too myself 😊. But nervous is good, it makes you prepared, InshaAllah! I hope I’ve covered most things~ Allah help me, InshaAllah… Ameen~